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Foreword from the Principal

From the Principal‘s desk,

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice if you are planning for a decade, plant trees , if you are planning for a life time ,educate people”.

Education plays an important role in the well-being of any nation. It is often viewed as a life long process spanning the years from infancy to adult hood. True to this, at Sacred Heart’s , young people are educated for a bright and prosperous future . We do strive for excellence in every possible way, achieving it by keeping in mind that “We Serve Before God “ which is inscribed in us and through us as the motto of our school.

Sacred heart’s School brings all round development in children by encouraging every student to participate in various competitions conducted in the school. Thereby identifying the hidden talents and potential of the student and bringing it to light. Besides the excellent curricular program, we instill in students the importance of love, tolerance and respect of their fellow classmates. Discipline and values are the very foundation of our school.

In this age of technology , children do not feel alienated at Sacred heart’s, as smart class in collaboration with Educomp is incorporated into the teaching-learning process.

Today’s children are the future leaders of our country. Every year, responsible, well groomed leaders take off from our institution succeeding in every arena of their life.

We will be using this medium to update our happenings in school, we encourage all the viewers to visit our site quite often and encourage us with your support.

In His Service,


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